Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Slug Holiday

Here is a photo of someone you might recognise. We met on holiday in Italy - well, I was on holiday, I neglected to enquire whether we were both taking a breather from our usual lives. Please note that it is not my hand in the photo - I scream like a banshee when I accidentally touch a slug, so I would never knowingly risk a close encounter with one. Indeed, it is highly probable that I took this photo using a zoom lens, thereby creating the maximum distance between me and the subject of my photograph.

Whilst I am an expert on slug avoidance tactics, I am not expert on slugs, so I cannot comment on whether this is an invasive killer slug of the type found in Norfolk. 


We don't have many slugs in our garden. I suspect that they may be sensitive to noise and would prefer not to reside or dine in the gardens of screaming banshees. Of course, one day (in my nightmares), some clever slug will invent ear defenders and none of my plants will be safe. Until then, I shall continue to scream in my own garden and those belonging to my clients (you might view this as unprofessional; I prefer to view it as a service to those discerning clients requiring slug-free gardens). 

Today I am linking to http://www.catharinehoward.co.uk . Catharine Howard has initiated a  new meme called Terrified Tuesday, whereby we are invited to post a photo which is vaguely disquieting. I am not entirely convinced that the slug photo fits the bill - it is more downright scary than vaguely disquieting and in any case, like many of you, I am terrified of slugs every day of the week, not just on a Tuesday. 

I was about to type "why not pop over to Catharine's to see something vaguely disquieting?" but that doesn't sound right at all. 

Have a good week!