Saturday, 31 March 2012

The Ambassador's shopping list

I was hurtling through a food hall recently and was stopped in my tracks by this:

which is oddly reminiscent of this:

Which might have made for an interesting evening at the bizarrely-dubbed Ambassador's reception.

What a thing to do with our gorgeous green-buttoned lovelies. Do sprouts need to be trussed up like chocolates to get us to eat them? Perhaps we are supposed to recline on our chaise longues, grazing sophisticatedly on our chocolate box sprouts, sipping gently on a glass of Champagne, whilst gazing serenely into the distance. It has to be worth a try.

While on the subject of sophistication, I must mention 'Thalia' - a gem of refined, elegant beauty. Slimline flowers, up to four per stem, unfurl gracefully and tantalisingly slowly (no bursting forth for 'Thalia'), to create gorgeous, white blooms. 

This daff performs beautifully in a slick, contemporary setting or in a more traditional scheme and will shine all the more brightly if placed next to dark foliage. Narcissus 'Thalia' is the full name and it looks great when planted in confident groups rather than dotted meekly here and there.  

With this lovely sunny weather, the concept of lolling on a chaise, scoffing sprouts has been usurped by the garden bench as a drinking venue and it was whilst enjoying a sundowner the other evening, that I saw something I have never seen before. Sunset illuminating unopened daffodil buds. 

This daff, Narcissus ‘Best Seller’ might have been in flower in early March but for my inability to do anything on time - as chewed over in a past post, 'Imperfect Timing'. Happily, I am reaping the benefits of delayed flowering, following embarrassingly delayed planting. To think, if it wasn’t for my inadequacies, I might have missed this moment. Happy days.  

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  1. Mm, Ferrero Rocher sprouts, that's a new one. Don't think they'll catch on somehow.

  2. I agree, Crystal - it has to be one of the silliest marketing ploys in the history of sprout marketing.

  3. I'm a bit late to comment on this post but M&S really make me want to chew my own fist. On one hand hectoring us all about carrier bags and recycling clothes and on the other producing more excess packaging than you ever thought imaginable.